Central Department’s News

  1. 1. Institutional Development Grant (IDG)

Central Department of Sociology/Anthropology (CDSA) of Tribhuvan University, Nepal has received a Institutional Development Grant (IDG) from Wenner-Gren Foundation for Anthropological Research for 5 years in the amount of US $ 25,000 each year. The major objective of this grant is to enhance the quality of Ph. D. research works in anthropology. This program named as “The Dor Bahadur Bista Project of Advanced Training in Anthropology” has bee implemented in collaboration with Cornell University of Ithaca, New York.

Under this program the CDSA sends one advanced level Ph.D. student (Anthropology) every year for one semester to the Department of Anthropology at Cornell University. Besides this, the other activities supported by IDG program for each year include: small field-research grant for one Ph.D. students in Sociology/Anthropology; mini-research grant for one faculty; and travel grants for two faculty members to participate in international conference.

Activities under the IDG program began in 2010. Mr. Suresh Dhakal spent the Spring Semester 2011 at Cornell University and worked with Prof. Kathryn March and Prof. David Holmberg on his Ph. D. dissertation.  The second visitor Mr. Uddhav Rai under this grant has already reached to Cornell for the Fall Semester.

The Research Fellowship for Faculty was awarded to Mr. Dambar Chemjong for his study on indigeneism among indigenous peoples in Nepal while the Field Research Fellowship (for Ph.D. dissertation) was awarded to Mr. Ram Chandra Baral for his project on traditional social leadership system among Tharus in the face of recent armed conflict in Nepal. The travel grant recipients for 2010 were Prof. Ram B. Chhetri and Dr. Krishna Bhattachan to participate in the 39th Annual Conference on South Asia held from October 14-17, 2010 at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. Both of them presented papers in a special panel of the conference organized to honor Prof. James F. Fisher. Travel grant was also awarded to Dr. Chintamani Pokhrel who participated and presented paper in the conference organized by Aarhus University of Denmark from June 30-31, 2011 on Welfare and Well being in Modern South Asia. For 2011, the field research fellowship has been awarded to Pradeep Acharya for his project on Ethnicity and Prejudice, travel grants to Prof. Dilli Ram Dahal and Dr. Laya Prasad Uprety to participate in the First ANHS Himalayan Studies Conference to be held at Macalester College in St. Paul Minnesota from October 28-30, 2011 and  research fellowship to  Dr. Binod Pokhrel for his study on Ethnography of the Street Vendors in Kathmandnu Valley.

  1. 2. Student  Exchange and Joint Study Programs

CDSA  has several student and faculty exchange and joint study programs with American and European universities. Since 1992, the department has been collaborating with Cornell University (CU) of Ithaca, New York for a joint study program in Nepal. This is a residential program and under this program, each semester 2-5 students in sociology and anthropology from Cornell University and the same number of students from the CDSA live together in a residential house in Kiritpur and study together the courses on advanced research methodology and contemporary socio-economic and political issues of Nepal.

CDSA  has also student and faculty exchange program with the University of Lile 1, France. This exchange program is a part of an agreement signed between Tribhunva University of Nepal and University of Lile 1, France on April 18, 2011. Under this program, each university can send up to 5 students each year to study under gradate and graduate courses in anthropology and other social sciences and partner universites waive tuition and fees for those students go to Lile 1 and/or  come to TU for their studies. For this academic year, University of Lile 1 has sent Julien Lebas to study sociology and anthropology courses at CDSA and do independent research in Nepal. Currently, Julien Lebas is taking courses in sociology and anthropology at CDSA and doing his independent research under the guidance of Prof. Om Gurung.

  1. 3. Human Ecology Program

CDSA has had the human ecology program with the University of Bergen, Norway from 1992 –1996. This program provided funds for the students of sociology and anthropology of CDSA for their dissertation writings in Nepal and M. Phil degree in anthropology and archaeology at the University of Bergen. Under this program 9 students (Madhusudan Subedi, Shyamu Thapa, Dambar Chemjong, Shambhu Kattel, Meena Chhetri, Ramhari Shrestha, Hari Bhattarai, Snajeeb Pokhrel and Punam Gurung) completed their M. Phil degree in anthropology and 3 students (Man Bahadur Khatri, Suresh Dhakal and late Suman Rijal) in archaeology. Of them Madhu Sudan Subedi, Suresh Dhakal, Dambar Chemjong, Shambhu Kattel and Shyamu Thapa are currently teaching anthropology at CDSA, Man Bahadur Khatri in Dhualgiri Multiple Campus in Balgung and Hari Bhattarai in Patan Multiple Campus of Lalitpur.  Currently, this program has been discontinued due to policy changes in both universities.