TU Kirtipur Sociology/Anthropology

Founded in 1981, the Central Department of Sociology/Anthropology (CDSA) is one of the largest teaching departments at Tribhuvan University in terms of both student enrollments and faculty. Each academic year, more than 500 students enroll themselves for Master’s Degree Program in sociology and anthropology. Although sociology and anthropology at Masters' Level are taught in 33 campuses and colleges (18 constituent campuses and 15 affiliated colleges) of Tribhuvan University, CDSA is the first choice of aspiring students pursuing their Master’s Degree owing to its well managed faculty and suitable academic environment. The department’s courses in sociology and anthropology for Master’s level students consist of five common courses focusing on concepts, theories and methods for the first year. In the second year, the department offers one common course for both s....

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Central Department’s News

  1. 1. Institutional Development Grant (IDG)
Central Department of Sociology/Anthropology (CDSA) of Tribhuvan University, Nepal has received a Institutional Development Grant (IDG) from Wenner-Gren Foundation for Anthropological Research for 5 years in the amount of US $ 25,000 ea....

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National Conference on Sociology of Nepal: Social Structure and Transformation

Tribhuvan University, Kathmandu, Nepal
National Conference on
Sociology of Nepal: Social Structure and Transformation
21-22 November 2014, Kathmandu

The state and society in Nepal are undergoing rapid and epochal transformations on many fronts since the 1990s and their speed is all the more geared up especially after 2006. This has both local and global contexts. Nepal’s increasing incorporation into global economy, the novel developmental discourses (of human rights, human development, inclusion, empowerment, etc.), insurgency and the subsequent peace process, efforts at constitution-making and resultant debates on identity and state restructuring, and the two principal communist parties’ read more

Completion of Research Project

Central Department of Sociology/Anthropology had received a research grant of 60 million rupees to undertake a Social Inclusion Atlas (SIA) Ethnographic Profile research project. This was a commissioned research funded by Social Inclusion Research Fund (SIRF) and managed by SNV/Nepal.  The main objective of this research project was to prepare social inclusion atlas of 100+ groups and ethnographic profiles of 42 highly marginalized communities of Nepal. The duration of the research project is 16 month beginning in November 1, 2011. read more